Sausage & Chorizo Orzo

This is a delicious one pot sausage & chorizo orzo recipe.  It is quick and easy to make, creamy and a wonderfully comforting weeknight dinner.  

The Best Chicken Tikka Masala

A great British favorite – Chicken Tikka Masala!  If you love curry you will absolutely adore this dish!  

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

A simple, classic and delicious dish that you will want to make again and again!  This is not the most traditional recipe as I have used a good splash of white wine.

Garlicky Smashed Potatoes

Take crispy roast potatoes to new level by smashing them and covering them in a delicious garlic butter.  They make a wonderful side or great to have with your favourite dip.

Salmon with a Pesto & Parmesan Crust

This salmon, pesto & parmesan is a wonderful combination… and that is not all – it is very quick and easy to prepare.  

Fesenjan – Persian Stew

A fabulous Persian stew of pomegranate molasses, walnut and chicken. A truly delicious and fragrant dish and pretty simple to make too!

The Ultimate Lamb Curry Recipe

Wow!  This curry is amazing!  It takes a while to cook but it is well worth the wait.

Scampi with Tartare Sauce

This has to be the best Scampi that I have ever tasted.  The scampi was gifted by Bradley’s – see a discount code below.  This is a delicious recipe – best served with tartare sauce and homemade chips.    

Chorizo, Pepper & Blue Cheese Frittata

Enjoy a tasty and delicious brunch or lunch in less than 30 minutes.  Liven up your frittata with chorizo, peppers blue cheese and a kick of chilli, then pop under the grill until puffed and golden – delicious!  

Bangers and Mash with Roast Onion & Red Wine Gravy

This is comfort food at its best! This dish is full of flavour, you will make this time after time.  

Delicious Prawn Pasta

A wonderful light & delicious pasta with prawns, wine, tomato, lemon & crème fraiche – a fantastic combination!  

Shepherd’s Pie made with 10 Hour Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank

This has to be the best Shepherd’s Pie I have ever tasted; it is definitely worth every minute of the cooking time required.  Comfort food at its best!  I have also made this recipe recently using a pressure cooker. I cooked the lamb shanks in 2 hours and reduced the water to 300ml.  Perfect for...