About me

Me – Victoria Fox

I was born and bred in Whitley Bay, from a very young age I have had a great love of food and cooking.  At the age of 4 I started baking everything in the Bero recipe book (my first recipe book of hundreds).

My first recipe book

I would be my Mum’s shadow in the kitchen and would watch her eagerly whilst she cooked the most amazing dishes.  When I was 10 years old, I would rush back from school every day to watch Ready Steady Cook and I absorbed every single detail.  That is when I started to experiment in the kitchen for my family – my love for cooking was born!

My wonderful Mum and inspiration – a Woman of Substance.

Best Recipes UK was founded in 2011 when I was working as a Business Advisor.  Blogging and social media were becoming extremely popular and my knowledge was not great.  I thought there is no better way to get an understanding to pass on to my clients than to start my own blog.  A recipe blog was the obvious choice as that was my passion.  Within the first few years my blog and social media following grew at an incredible rate and after 15 years of working as a business advisor full time and a blogger during the evenings I decided to give blogging a go full-time and I have never looked back!

Best Recipes UK is a blog for food lovers – if you love food you will love this blog.

Meet the rest of the team….


David & I on our wonderful wedding day in Venice.

David is my husband we live by the sea in Whitley Bay.  He is my chief taste tester and is never shy in giving me an honest appraisal – each recipe is rated out of 10.  Luckily (for his sake) my score is usually a 10.  Together we have a great passion for travel, tasting different world cuisines and absorbing different cultures. Our favourite place in the world is Venice, we love it so much that we chose to get married there.  Aside from taste testing David is an extremely talented travel blogger.


Hugo at his favourite place

Hugo is the latest member to the Fox household… he just loves everything about food and is my apprentice taste tester.  There have never been any complaints, his favourite dishes are beef stew, cottage pie and lamb roast.  He is also my companion on morning walks on the beach dreaming up new recipes. Hugo also has a passion for opera and singing. Follow him on Instagram & Subscribe to his YouTube channel

Hugo singing to Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

So that is me and this is Best Recipes UK

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  If you would like my latest recipes please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.