TINDLE Burgers with the Ultimate Fried Onions & Chipotle Garlic Mayo

I have partnered with TINDLE to produce this absolutely delicious recipe to go with TINDLE Burgers.  To compliment the ridiculously good TINDLE burgers – chicken made from plants I have paired them with the Ultimate Fried Onions & Chipotle Garlic Mayo.  These have to be the best fried onions and compliment the burgers perfectly.  If you want a delicious meal in minutes I would make this recipe. TINDLE Burgers & TINDLE Nuggets are sold at Morrisons*.  For a £1.50 OFF …

One Pan Brunch

This brunch is packed with flavour; smoky bacon, sausages, mushrooms, chorizo, tomatoes, spinach, eggs and a sprinkling of chilli.  It is the perfect one-pan recipe to rustle up for a weekend brunch with family and friends. It’s gluten and dairy-free, and lightly spiced with chilli flakes, so everyone’s sure to enjoy this easy breakfast recipe.