Turkey, Cranberry & Brie Bundles

Use up your turkey leftovers to make these delicious, quick and easy bundles for your Christmas bubble.  They are so tasty and packed full of flavour, you will wish you had more leftover turkey. What makes this recipe extra delicious is the turkey itself.  I used a Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkey from Lidgates, London.  The turkeys feed on nettles, wild blackberries and freshly grown oats. They are a slow maturing bird for optimum flavour and texture. Lidgate’s family butcher’s …

Greek Orange Syrup Cake

This recipe has been inspired by my recent trip to Santorini where I tasted the most delicious Orange Syrup Cake (Portokalopita) from the most wonderful patisserie in Oia.  I was very surprised to find that no flour was used and that dried and flaked filo pastry is the key ingredient.  This is a fluffy and colourful sponge made with fresh oranges and drizzled in a fresh orange and cinnamon syrup.  Delicious!!  

Caramelised Apple, Fennel & Chilli Sausage Rolls

As we head into British summer time, I have collaborated with https://www.prestige.co.uk/  to make some wonderful Caramelised Apple, Fennel & Chilli Sausage Rolls. These sweet and spicy sausage rolls filled with caramelised apple and onion, fennel and chilli flakes wrapped in golden buttery flaky puff pastry. They are absolutely delicious – probably the best I have ever tasted.  They will make a fantastic addition to any family picnic- a definite must try!